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You’re an expert in your field. There’s no doubt about that. You’ve achieved ‘mastery’ of your craft and have built up an impressive community of contacts and customers.

But you are so caught up in the day-to-day running of your business, you need a way to consistently generate leads and build your customer relationships. People aren’t engaged with those who “sell” all the time. You need to spend time educating your customers about how you solve their problems and be of great value.

You can achieve this through expert positioning and designing a focused marketing plan that will take you on the journey to business growth.

It seems simple, but the distractions of the day-to-day keep getting in the way.

That’s where Conqurve can help. We’re experts in helping service-based businesses owners position themselves as the industry go-to and keep top of mind.

We do this by working alongside the business owner through a planning process to identify where the opportunities are in their marketing strategy. From there, develop a compelling content marketing plan that will stimulate business growth, inspire interest, and strengthen relationships with your ideal clients.

Our Services

Conqurve provides a range of digital content services that will help you build trust and grow your brand online.

Website Content

Conqurve will re-write and re-vamp your existing content on your website so it is more compelling and converts more enquiries.


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Email Marketing

E-newsletters will help you engage your community and position yourself as the expert through tailored, relevant content.

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Communicate Your Expertise (CYE)

A holistic marketing offering that creates consistent marketing results all year-round by combining email marketing, LinkedIn content creation and online keynote events.



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Do you want to be seen as an expert in your field?

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Our focus is getting real results for our management consulting firms. We do this by getting to know you, your target audience and your goals and tailoring content strategies and implementation plans to help you achieve those goals.

CHN Partners

CHN Partners are a highly successful accountancy firm that decided to re-brand after 30 years in business. They also wanted to find a way to differentiate themselves in their local area.

Services Used: Website content (digital content), social media content

The Challenge: A re-branding exercise after 30 years in business. Conveying a sense of culture and values and how they help their customers. Communicating with target market and speaking to their needs.

The Solution: A content plan that included a re-write and re-positioning of their entire services, home, about and marketing material, as well as a content calendar to establish authority in their field moving forward.

The Results: Consistency of brand message via the website, and starting to build consistency with marketing strategy and positioning from a content point of view.

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