To establish yourself as the go-to for your industry, you need to start to build trust right now.

Why? Because, when it comes to influencing in the professional services industry, it’s essential to establish your brand way before your prospective customer is ready to buy.

We know that there is traditionally low client turnover in the legal, insurance or finance services industry.

But if you haven’t taken the time to build up a credible and informative body of content, then a prospect won’t feel like you have earned their trust.

You might feel compelled to market to those who are in the buying cycle right now.

These are people who are ready to splash their cash or are open to it.

This group makes up 10% of the market. These are the ‘aware’. On the surface, they seem like a desirable group to market to.

But that’s not a good idea, because:

  • This prospect has already done their research and may be shopping on price. That’s not a customer you want, if you would like to move into acquiring new customers through service;
  • You may have had to make it through referrals, often hard to get cut-through;
  • The prospect is at the end of the buying cycle, meaning you haven’t had a chance to influence their decision making. To win this client, you’d just hope they find you.

You can agree that these aren’t great reasons to target this group.

What about the ‘aware’?

The rest – that’s 90% of your potential market – haven’t heard of you.

They aren’t interested in your services, and probably haven’t considered using you at all. They may be a few months, or even years, away from getting into a buying zone.

It’s this ‘aware’ group where you should focus your marketing efforts.

This group is better because:

  • You can influence them early, well before they need to buy. So when they are in a position to buy, you will be in a more competitive situation;
  • Your competitors won’t be marketing to this space – there is less competition, and better chances of cut-through; and
  • It’s a bigger group (90% v 10%).

Professional services marketing is a long game. But it won’t work if you haven’t differentiated yourself.

For years, I followed an online marketing software’s content. They had engaging blogs and e-books on sales, marketing and content creation, and I enjoyed reading them. So when it came time to purchase my own sales software, I eventually bought theirs.

You can see how this example supports the idea of marketing to the unaware and influencing early.

If you are ready to start influencing and building trust now, take action. 

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Owner of Conqurve Content Marketing, ex-recruiter, sports writer and journalist.