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Social media content writing and marketing is your best opportunity to educate your prospective customer base. You can use social platforms to find what customers are asking, what your competitors are doing, as well as use it for content inspiration.

Conqurve creates social media content calendars, strategy and ideas to grow your brand online.

Consider these statistics:

  • 96% of small-to-medium businesses say they use social media in their marketing strategy
  • Almost 90% of marketers say their social marketing efforts have increased exposure for their business.

Source: Dream Grow

If you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to start producing content for your social media channels.Your competitors are most likely on Facebook, with others on YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn depending on your industry. But very few are producing high quality and consistent content on a regular basis.

This represents an exciting opportunity for you to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

Our Services

Conqurve focuses on the latest dynamic search results in your sector, as well as a tried-and-tested content formula to showcase your passion and expertise. We’ll then produce a social media content calendar to cover the next three-to-six months. From there, we test and measure the effectiveness of each type of content. And whether you have an in-house team to post on your social channels, or need a full end-to-end social media channel management service, Conqurve can provide a range of social media content management offerings to help you engage with more customers.

Social Content Creation

Conqurve creates exceptional social media content to help you stand out from the crowd.

Many business owners believe they need to bombard their prospects with sales content and expect these to stick.

But we believe you will have better success with a structured, consistent content plan that educates your target market.

It also depends on your brand personality. Are you a Hero, Outlaw, Creator or Everyman?

We focus on creating five types of content. These are:

  • Value posts (educational videos, text blogs, infographics and images)
  • Engagement posts (pictures or posts that elicit a response from your audience)
  • Commentary posts (commenting on a trend or news item)
  • Behind-the-scenes posts (a look at your company)
  • Curated content posts (sharing insights from other organisations)

At Conqurve, we believe if you want to become seen as an expert in your field, drive leads and differentiate yourself from your competitors, your content should be 80% educational, 20% sales-focused.

In 2018, it is clear that video should form a key part of your social media content.

Consider these statistics (via Deposit Photos):

  • 90% of consumers say video can help them make buying decisions
  • Mentioning the word ‘video’ in your email subject line increases open rates by 19%
  • Video on landing pages can increase conversions by up to 80%

We’ll create informative and valuable videos, blogs and text content that allows your expertise to shine.

Contact Conqurve to start creating some educational and engaging social media content today.

Social Content Strategy

Conqurve can help you create a focused and innovative social media content strategy that will help you educate your target market.

Every marketing activity needs to start with a strategy. Do you want to:

  • Build your brand online?
  • Build trust and market to your existing client base?
  • Maximise your digital assets?
  • Build a library of shareable content (videos and articles)?
  • Generate more leads?
  • Better know your competitors and identify who is leading your space when it comes to content?

Conqurve can tailor a content strategy that can set you up to succeed long-term.

Social Media Management

Conqurve offers complete social media management packages, along with creating your content.

You might be a business that has a resource internally who can manage your social channels.

Or perhaps you need someone to take control of the entire social media world for your business. At Conqurve, we can help you with it all.

Our services include:

  • Social media channel creation (including images, messaging and brand alignment)
  • Social media management (scheduling, creating posts, engaging)
  • Social media advertising (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn)
  • Social media strategy development
  • Data analysis

Talk to us if you would like us to manage your social channels.

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Our Packages

We have three simple social media content packages. Our Ready package gives you up to four blogs or social posts per month (shared across your social channels) as well as monthly email newsletter. Best for a business who wants to nurture their market over time. Our Ready Plus package includes up to eight blogs or social posts per month, a 6 month content calendar, the monthly email newsletter & social media management & reporting. The Works package is for a business focused on faster results; it includes 12 blogs or social posts per month, a 6 month content calendar, the monthly email newsletter and social media management & reporting.


Good for an introduction into the value of content marketing and social media.

Social Content Creation

Email Marketing

Social Media Strategy

Social Media Management

Ready Plus

A quicker way to build engagement with your audience, and often can use a mixture of video and written blog content.

Social Content Creation

Email Marketing

Social Media Strategy

Social Media Management

The Works

Best for companies who want to cut through the noise of social media and get results faster.

Social Content Creation

Email Marketing

Social Media Strategy

Social Media Management

Package FAQS

Not sure which package is right for you and your business? We've answered some questions for you here.

A blog is a written or video piece of content that usually goes on your website and social media channels. It is usually educational and infomative in tone. It allows you to show expertise in your field. These usually include images, links to other websites and video.

A content calendar is a project plan for your marketing. We map out the right type of content ideas and mediums across suggested platforms, so we can plan in advance. This gives a consistent, focused approach. We'd suggest using a social media scheduling tool (like Buffer, HootSuite or E-Clincher).

Given we will constantly be creating content in advance for you, we ask you give us 30 days if you wish to cancel to complete your project. You are welcome to upgrade or downgrade between packages; again, noticed is required so we can get things in place for you.

Yes; we are a full-service content marketing agency. We have the ability to advertise on the key social media channels, taking care of this area for you.

No. But we suggest at least three months, sometimes six months before you start to get the benefits of creating regular content. We advise you along the way and at the end of each month what is working well or what we could change if needed.

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Our focus is getting real results for our management consulting firms. We do this by getting to know you, your target audience and your goals and tailoring content strategies and implementation plans to help you achieve those goals.

CHN Partners

CHN Partners are a highly successful accountancy firm that decided to re-brand after 30 years in business. They also wanted to find a way to differentiate themselves in their local area.

Services Used: Website content (digital content), social media content

The Challenge: A re-branding exercise after 30 years in business. Conveying a sense of culture and values and how they help their customers. Communicating with target market and speaking to their needs.

The Solution: A content plan that included a re-write and re-positioning of their entire services, home, about and marketing material, as well as a content calendar to establish authority in their field moving forward.

The Results: Consistency of brand message via the website, and starting to build consistency with marketing strategy and positioning from a content point of view.

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