Leadership is changing rapidly.

Gone are the days when being an effective leader meant being good at telling people what to do. Leadership is moving away from traditional autocracy and into a new age of people and value-focused guidance.

The last few months have rapidly accelerated the evolution of leadership, to the point where leaders can’t afford to stick with the old ways.

And if you want to be a leader that inspires teams and organisations to achieve greatness, you’ll need to move with the times.

The current climate presents the perfect opportunity for leaders to make the world a better place and future-proof their leadership skills.

In this timely live stream, Mary Jensen and George Giamadakis discuss the attributes all leaders need to thrive in the new age of leadership.

Join our webinar and be part of the discussion of how to navigate to a better normal through aspirational leadership, including:

– Leadership strategies that will remove silos and encourage team contribution

– How to implement winning leadership into your organisation

– How to use your leadership to make the world a better place

– The importance of marketing as an amplifier of strong leadership

Join us for an interactive round-table discussion on modern leadership. The cost of every ticket sold will be donated to Southern Cross Kids Camp.


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Owner of Conqurve Content Marketing, ex-recruiter, sports writer and journalist.