Marketing to the unaware, the power of your online reputation and how the customer journey has changed: these were the key “a ha” moments many of our audience found after our multi-speaker event last week at Outcomes Business Group.

As I was preparing the talk, I kept thinking back to the reasons why I keep coming back (or staying) with a service provider.

It wasn’t to do with price. It was usually about the built trust, a reliable service, and an interest in adding terrific value.

And that’s what came out of the presentation (click here to access the slides).

Around 90% of your potential customers are not even aware you exist, or haven’t considered using your services. It’s here we need to focus our marketing efforts.

This flies in the face of traditional marketing where you put your eggs into focusing on the ‘now’ customers, those who have an urgent need. Their accountant has let them down, or they need a lawyer urgently. Sound familiar?

You can start influencing early to those who will need you in the future.

This was a new concept for many in the room.

I’ve spoken lots about the power of investing in your online reputation.The visual representation of seeing three accounting firms, side-by-side on Google Maps, with contrasting reviews, had real impact.

Understanding that this is the game now. It starts long before people walk into your office or dial your office number. You need to have sewn the seeds of trust in the beginning.

Finally, we considered how the buyer journey has changed from 2009 to now. Gone are the Yellow Pages and now we have online research, websites, blogs, email newsletters and building your goodwill even after they buy.

I’ve made the slides downloadable if you want to read through. Click here to access them.

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