There are so many social media platforms available to use today.

For property professionals, using social media can help you connect with potential customers, do market research and share your knowledge and expertise.

Grand-daddies like Facebook and Twitter. Younger ones like Instagram or Snapchat. YouTube. LinkedIn. And how about Snapchat, Google My Business and Pintrest?

Here is our guide to deciding which channel is best for what – and some hints about where to start.


It’s theme: connect with others.

It’s good for: to connect with others. Previously it was meant for private, family and friend, connections, but it’s now a legitimate business connection tool.

Our advice: with 2.2 billion people on Facebook (Source), we think every business should have a Facebook business page. It’s quick to do and fairly user friendly, so make it your non-negotiable to get your company details on their pronto.

Examples: In Australia, Gary Peer have excellent social content on their FB page . Also check out Buffer and Hootsuite.



It’s theme: share your world, visually.

It’s good for: sharing photos and videos of your business.

Our advice: if you are a very visual industry (food, travel, fashion, sport), then Instagram could be a good choice to try. But it’s not for everyone. Since your website should be your number one social media tool, Instagram isn’t the best to drive traffic here.



It’s theme: build your network.

It’s good for: businesses and individuals to build a brand. Built as a networking platform, it’s also used widely for recruiters to attract candidates.

Our advice: Good for posting content and sharing news about your business, as well as building up your marketing database. Works best if you are a professional services business.



It’s theme: share breaking news and updates.

It’s good for: businesses and individuals that share lots of news. Cultivating a niche audience.

Good for journalists, individual brands and large organisations. Mortgage brokers, real estate agents or buyers advocates? Definitely worth using for blogs and educational content.

Our advice: hard to get cut through unless you post very frequently (at least once per day).




It’s theme: share photos and videos (Snaps) to friends and followers.

It’s good for: all businesses who want to connect with younger audiences.

Our advice: Snapchat is essentially a camera app where you can share 10 second videos, photos and images. A good way to humanise your brand. It appeals most to the teenage to 30 bracket.

And with new and improved targeted advertising (check out this from Taco Bell)

Final thoughts

Don’t try and be on as many social media platforms as you can. Pick at least one, and a maximum of three.

And pick a channel that you like – that helps too. If you run a property-related business, then I would choose LinkedIn and Facebook.

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About the Author


Owner of Conqurve Content Marketing, ex-recruiter, sports writer and journalist.