Don’t wait until someone has an urgent need to buy.

It’s this philosophy, explored in Chet Holmes’ The Stadium Pitch, that is even more relevant if you are in the service industry.

Imagine you are standing in a stadium full of prospects. You have two groups you can deliver your services too: the aware and the unaware.

Only 10% of the group will have an immediate need or be open to trying your service. They are pre-sold, ready to go clients.

These people may have already shopped around looking for the best deal on price. Perhaps they’ve spoken to some referrals. And they definitely have control over who they decide to do business with.

Don’t waste your time with these folk when it comes to educating or demonstrating your expertise.

It’s the bigger group – the 90% – who you should spend your time nurturing.

These are not aware of what you do, or don’t think they have a need and have it in their minds they are not interested.

Why should you focus on this group?

  • You’ll catch them much earlier in the buying cycle. They are not in buying mode, so you’ll have more time to influence them and build trust;
  • There’s more of them to choose from (90% v 10%); and
  • Demonstrating your expertise is a long game. It might take years for someone to change their accountant. Wouldn’t you rather catch these people early, so when it’s time to choose, you are the go-to?

1. Create a regular blog

In marketing terms, this is your cornerstone.

Apart from creating solid content for online searches, it’s the easiest way to tell your prospects your take on relevant topics and issues.

An update-to-date website, complemented with a regular, focused blog, is a must-have for any professional service firms looking to influence early.

If you don’t like writing, give it to one of your team members to do who does. It gives them professional development opportunities and a chance to build their own personal (and business) brand.

But focus on creating topical content that answers your customers’ questions directly or gives some insight on your position. 

Frequency? Once a week is best. But try once a fortnight to start.

(You can also ask a content creation specialist like Conqurve to assist).

2. Create a monthly email newsletter

Use your blog to tie into your email newsletter, which is the next part of nurturing your prospect list.

Share topical articles (not written by you), your blog, team news, industry information and a case study each month.

This approach works two ways: you are demonstrating your expertise, and other people are reinforcing this through their testimony.

3. Invest in your Google My Business page

Your online reviews matter.

It’s no longer good enough for service-based firms to rely on word of mouth or referrals to generate consistent business over time.

Claim your Google My Business page and start uploading photos and content that you’ve created.

And after you complete a job, ask for a review. More on this topic in another blog next month.

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Owner of Conqurve Content Marketing, ex-recruiter, sports writer and journalist.