This question came up at a conference last week. My short answer: we use your expertise.

Let me give you an example from my days as a sports journalist.

I wrote a series for NRL magazine Big League called ‘CEO Corner’. The idea was to get rugby league’s best chief executives to talk about their approach to leadership, working under pressure and a range of topical issues.

I hadn’t held the office of CEO before. So, I needed to extract their views on these issues, and present it in a summarised way that was also interesting.

The result? Three very different, inspirational stories from three high achievers.


Interstate Removals is another example.

Troy, the founder, had ten years working in the removal business. It’s only natural that he would have scores of stories, tips and insights, learned while building his company.

So we decided to create a series of blogs, and a regular email newsletter, to educate people who were considering moving (and who had already moved).

And Tip Top Blinds, who are experts at creating, installing and manufacturing blinds and furnishings for businesses and individuals. They’ve been at it for more than sixty years. So let’s share their knowledge with prospects and our customers.

At Conqurve, we recognise that you are an expert in your field. You spend your day involved in the legal, finance, insurance, or whatever world you do. You attend networking events, seminars, listen to podcasts and might give a keynote on your chosen topic.

Our role as your marketing advisor is to unlock this wonderful information so potential customers get to know, like and trust you. Firstly, we develop topics that would interest your target market. Secondly, we guide and collaborate with you on creating content. Thirdly, it’s about figuring out the best way to publish it online, where, when and how.

There will naturally be research involved. Before we start any project, there’s hours of analysis that goes into understanding your ideal audience, their concerns, your industry, your competitors, and why people buy (and why they don’t).

Marketing is a collaborative effort. Think of us as your online voice.

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About the Author


Owner of Conqurve Content Marketing, ex-recruiter, sports writer and journalist.