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Helping people get home loans or selling their properties can sound a bit like the ‘dark arts’. People only see the beautiful suits but have no idea about what you actually do behind the scenes.

So how do you articulate this in an informative, easy-to-digest, and thoughtful way? A digital content strategy will give you clarity and the foundations to show who you are and how you help people. That’s where Conqurve comes in.

If you’re not already convinced yet, here’s why digital content is so important in 2018:

  • Studies show that between 70-80% of people research a company online before purchasing with them
  • 56% of those with a website say their website has a responsive design
  • 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine data Source: Blue Corona, 2018

In other words: make it your mission to get your website content up to date and relevant for your audience.

Our Services

Conqurve provides a range of digital content services that will help you build trust and grow your brand online.

Website Content

Conqurve are specialist website copywriters and content creators. We are focused on helping mortgage brokers, buyers agent and real estate professionals with their digital strategy so they can become the leaders in their field.

We typically help clients at two key stages along their business journey:

  • Start-ups (those in the first 12 months of business) who want to shape their brand and marketing efforts.
  • Experienced companies (10 years onwards) who are looking to re-brand or expand their customer base.

Our expert wordsmiths and strategists take your service’s benefits and create lively, succinct website copy that addresses your customers’ needs.

Whether it’s a refresh or complete re-imagining of your company’s website, Conqurve can help you achieve clarity in the way you position yourself as a business.

Content Marketing Strategy Development

Conqurve brings your brand or service alive.

We believe a focused content marketing strategy is an investment in your long-term success. It outlines how you are going to educate and motivate your target audience to take action while positioning your brand as the
go-to for your existing clients.

These services may include:

  • Specific competitor analysis to see how you rate compared to their website content.
  • Special content projects which familiarise communities with your brand through digital campaigns.
  • Content marketing strategy development and project management.

Whether it’s for a short-term project or a long-term strategic marketing plan, we welcome the opportunity to help formulate a plan that will bring consistent results and more leads.

Lead Magnets

Do you want to bring more people into your sales funnel?

A lead magnet is an irresistible piece of content which provides value to a prospect, in exchange for their contact information.

Examples of lead magnets may include:

  • E-books
  • Reports/market updates
  • Templates or handouts
  • Toolkits
  • Video training
  • Email newsletters
  • Sales material
  • Infographics

Conqurve offers clients a lead magnet as part of our Ready Plus and
The Works packages, or as a stand-alone service.

Creating a variety of lead magnets can help you target a specific market and showcase your knowledge on a subject.

As marketers and journalists, the Conqurve team can help tell your story – and share your information – in a concise, readable way.

We can advise you on the best type of lead magnet for your business in a free consultation. Book yours here.

Video Content

Every business has a story to share.

You might not feel natural in front of the camera. But as trained TV presenters and content producers, we’ll give you professional mentoring along the way to help you convey your passion and experience.

Conqurve partners with expert videographers, producers and photographers to create engaging videos that help build relationships with your ideal audience online.

Our services include:

  • Video business cards
  • Video marketing campaigns
  • Corporate videos
  • Client testimonial videos

Why not enquire about our services today?

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a proven way to communicate directly to your customers and show value.

Over time, together with regular educational content and some strategic calls to action, an e-newsletter will help you stay top-of-mind when your existing clients decide to buy.

Conqurve are MailChimp Certified Email Marketers and have successfully created email newsletters  for a range of business types and individuals.

Let us take care of your next email marketing campaign today.

Evergreen Content

Every business should produce content that can be watched or read in two, five or even ten years time.

Evergreen content builds trust with your prospects and establishes you as a valuable educator in your field.

Conqurve can create valuable content for your brand both now and well into the future.

We focus on your target market’s needs and wants. Our services include:

  • Written blogs
  • E-books
  • Video blogs
  • Books
  • Sales material
  • Ghostwriting

Speak to Conqurve to plan your series of evergreen resources today.

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Our Packages

We have three simple digital content packages. Our Ready package is for a polish of your existing content, for up to 5 pages plus your own competitor analysis report. Best for a start-up or new business looking to build their content foundations. Our Ready Plus package includes up to 10 pages of website content, plus you get a sales-boosting lead magnet and the competitor analysis report. The Works is our deluxe package and is a comprehensive outsourced digital solution. You'll get a complete re-design of your website content, a lead magnet, a competitor analysis report PLUS a video business card to supercharge your business credibility.


A polish of your existing content.
Perfect for a new business
or start-up.

Content Creation


Lead Magnet

Video Creation

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Ready Plus

For businesses wanting
to step things up and generate
more leads from their site.

Content Creation


Lead Magnet

Video Content

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The Works

Comprehensive outsourced digital solution. Best for businesses who want to maximise their website presence and are serious about growth.

Content Creation


Lead Magnet

Video Content

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Package FAQS

Not sure which package is right for you and your business? We've answered some questions for your here.

It's an irresistible piece of content that you offer for free, usually in exchange for someone's contact information.

Getting one on your website helps build a database. You can add people to your sales funnel. Also, gives your target audience a sense of your expertise and knowledge in the space.

Common examples of lead magnets include:

  • An e-book
  • An infographic
  • A slideshow
  • A checklist
  • A webinar

You'll get a deep-dive analysis into what your competitors are doing from a content and website per-spective. This information can be used to plan ahead for your own digital marketing or content objec-tives, as well as understand your competitors and what they are doing well.

It will cover: content review, what they do well, blogs/insights analysis, their website calls-to-action, newsletter, overall impression and strategic opportunities for you in terms of digital content.

A video business card is a short video (two-three minutes) about your business. It introduces who you are, what you do, why you exist in business and your approach. A video like this can help you build trust with potential customers.

A professional copywriter or content writer are expert writers and marketers. Like you are an expert in your field, they are too. They can take your messages and benefits of your services, then convey that to a specific target market. In short, they help give your website the best chance of building trust with any customers that visit.

Our Ready package could take a few days depending on number of pages. For the Ready Plus and The Works packages, usually six to eight weeks for final completion, review and production.

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Our focus is getting real results for our management consulting firms. We do this by getting to know you, your target audience and your goals and tailoring content strategies and implementation plans to help you achieve those goals.

CHN Partners

CHN Partners are a highly successful accountancy firm that decided to re-brand after 30 years in business. They also wanted to find a way to differentiate themselves in their local area.

Services Used: Website content (digital content), social media content

The Challenge: A re-branding exercise after 30 years in business. Conveying a sense of culture and values and how they help their customers. Communicating with target market and speaking to their needs.

The Solution: A content plan that included a re-write and re-positioning of their entire services, home, about and marketing material, as well as a content calendar to establish authority in their field moving forward.

The Results: Consistency of brand message via the website, and starting to build consistency with marketing strategy and positioning from a content point of view.

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