The Challenge

Spearheaded by the undisputed Wagyu master himself, Kimio Osawa, we were proud to educate Australians about Wagyu beef through an email marketing and social campaign. We worked directly in partnership with the wonderful team at Major Creative to bring his luxury brand to life.

Osawa Enterprises wanted to introduce Wagyu Beef as an option to cook at home to customers who may have only eaten it out at restaurants. Going live with their new website launched in January 2019. Osawa’s mission was to educate the public about Wagyu and recreate these exceptional dining experiences at home. As a luxury item, we needed to spend additional time giving Aussies the opportunity to try and learn about Wagyu.

Services Used

  • Website Content
  • Content Writing
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Management

Our Solution

Content marketing to educate and drive sales.

Content marketing to educate and drive sales.

We designed an evolving email marketing solution that grew sales and educated prospects about Wagyu – from cooking, to product information, to competitions and how to become brand advocates. We used Kimio’s expertise as well as partners to help educate and grow his customer list.

The Results

The Results

The Results

Over the course of 12 months we had a number of record sales month on month, with revenue growth by 40%.

Through a mixture of conversation optimisation strategies and our email marketing campaigns, we grew his subscriber base to more than 3000 members.


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