The Challenge

As a true expert in her field, she wanted a way to shine online; ultimately, to share her wonderful knowledge so she can change the world. Well known in her inner circle, she wanted to broaden her brand globally and bring on new clients.

Services Used

  • LinkedIn Content Marketing
  • Content Writing
  • CYE Program

Our Solution

The Solution

The Solution

We worked closely with Mary to bring out her expertise through evergreen and topical content on LinkedIn, such as ghost-written articles, video blogs and interview sessions.

We created written and video content to engage her community and inspire them to understand her view. Ultimately, it was about positioning her as a world leader in mindset coaching.

The Results



Mary signed a new client in Germany within two weeks of launching our content on LinkedIn.

She received more than 100 invitation requests to connect within three months and increased her profile views from less than 100 in September to 992 by mid-October. Mary continues to thrive on LinkedIn and we are now collaborating with other experts to make her shine online.

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