The Challenge

 Bayside Wills & Estates was in desperate need of some attention to the blogs and content that was sent out to our monthly subscribers.

Prior to Andrew’s assistance, only City Pacific Lawyers sent out a regular monthly newsletter. It was sporadic and information very general in nature. There was an opportunity to address the content that went out to engage the audience.

Services Used

  • Website Content
  • Content Writing
  • Email Marketing

Our Solution

connecting them with their clients

connecting them with their clients

We firstly updated the BWE website content to speak directly to the target audience. We changed the language and ensured it was clear, easy to read and engaging. Our team then re-vamped the email marketing strategy, creating fortnightly and monthly newsletters that focused on key concepts the subscriber base wanted to know more about.

The Results

The Results

The Results

Wills and Estates business now takes up roughly 50% of the work done, and is continuing to grow with every monthly newsletter.

We’ve combined this with a quarterly keynote series, helping position Elizabeth and her team as true experts, and give her a platform to share her knowledge.

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