What is a lead magnet?

It’s an irresistible piece of content that you offer for free, usually in exchange for someone’s contact information.

Getting one on your website helps build a database. You can add people to your sales funnel. Also, gives your target audience a sense of your expertise and knowledge in the space.

There are many types of lead magnets. The most common are:

An e-book: like an extended blog. An e-book addresses a topic or theme, usually in an informative or educational way, and should appeal to a broad audience.

Example: Hubspot are leaders when it comes to creating free resources. Here’s an example of a simple e-book about doing better with email marketing: VIEW EXAMPLE >

An infographic: an imaginatively-designed graphic, or factual information, but used to present information along with it. Think of it as a big slide.

Example: try this from Venngage about building a website.

Should You Build A Website Process Infographic Example

A slideshow: an extended PowerPoint or Keynote presentation. Perhaps you’d like to explore a certain idea or topic in more detail? Or share a recent presentation you conducted? It shows authority in a data-based way, which can help with prospect generation.

Example: Slideshare is a slideshow favourite. VIEW EXAMPLE >

A survey: an excellent and simple way to create your own report. These are useful lead magnets because, as long as you show some benefit (what’s in it for them) – and make it interactive – then creating a survey could be a good idea.

Example: try SurveyMonkey for quality and easy to use surveys. VIEW EXAMPLE >

A webinar or course: how many courses have you subscribed to, but they turn out to be a pseudo-advertisement for someone’s company or service? Done in a subtle way, creating a webinar could help attract potential customers.

Example: See Skillshare for heaps of webinar inspiration. VIEW EXAMPLE >

A checklist: people love a good checklist (apart from a shopping list). Create a ‘how to’ guide or steps doing something that will solve a problem in your customers’ eyes.

Example: Autogrow does this very well – check out their killer ’11 point perfect sales funnel’ here VIEW EXAMPLE >

With any of the above, you need to ensure you make your content relevant, engaging and informative.

Don’t mislead people either. If you say people are going to get an e-book about how to be better prepared at an auction, don’t start talking about your latest new home listings.

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