Professional service firms that provide opportunities for employees to expand their expertise are more likely to offer higher quality services, which helps with client retention, according to IBISWorld.

And when you are establishing your firm as the go-to in your field, it makes sense to give your team members opportunities to contribute to the company’s and their own brand too.

Particularly when you are the boss – and trying to do everything (marketing, business development, administration, etc) is not feasible anymore.

Let’s start with marketing.

What can your team do to enhance your marketing efforts – and build brand awareness, keep top of mind and grow your client base?

There are plenty of tasks you could assign your team to do.

And we know that the most effective marketing activities to build your reputation starts with your website, your database communication, and your social media output.

Here are a few marketing tasks you could assign to your team.

1. Write opinion pieces on relevant topics

In our post on thought leadership, we wrote that thought leaders create discussion not because they hold back. They are forthright, tackle key issues they believe in, and encourage debate using facts.

Scott Pape, a.k.a. The Barefoot Investor, built his brand by writing opinion pieces and educated via his email database. Mortgage broker Mario Borg also started writing topical blogs many years ago, and this has formed the basis of his marketing.

What is trending in your space? Take a position and write about it.

2. Answer FAQs from customers

You or your team speak to customers every day. Use their questions, comments or concerns as great content so you can help other potential clients.

Speak to your team and ask them to create a log of questions. Then, each month, review and see what you could write about.

At Conqurve, we recently wrote about how we go about writing for an industry we haven’t worked in before.

3. Send out personalised email newsletters to clients

Do your employees have a database of contacts and clients?

As well as encouraging creative input, creating a customised email newsletter for their clients will help to establish their own brand, as well as help retain customers in the long run.

This is an effective strategy in bigger groups too.

You might choose to nominate certain topics and customer segments for each staff. Or simply repurpose your existing company e-newsletter, but ask your team to add a blog or some content that’s relevant and targeted to their audience.

4. Repurposing company content onto their Linkedin page

For professional services, LinkedIn is an effective way to grow your reputation by educating people what you do.

If you’ve taken the time to create valuable content, then nominate a social media savvy staff member to run the company’s social media account.

At the very least, they could be repurposing content onto their own Linkedin page.

5. Create a webinar

As an alternative to content writing, why not host a webinar?

As well as being a ‘one-to-many’ lead generation strategy, webinars are lower cost than a breakfast or broader multi-speaking event and can serve to generate awareness and interest in your services.

Consider webinars as extended blogs – in fact, one webinar could generate a heap of blog topics and content for your email newsletter in the months to come.

We like Zoom. But there are plenty of options.

So that’s it. Get your team in a room, discuss their interests, and create a content calendar. Then ask them to start creating regular content.

If you don’t have staff, or want another option, talk to our team at Conqurve.

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Owner of Conqurve Content Marketing, ex-recruiter, sports writer and journalist.